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A step up from the SR1, the SR3 was first launched in 2001 and quickly became a top seller. With over 1,100 units sold, it’s the “most widely produced and most successful prototype style sportscar racer in the world,” according to Radical.
In addition to boasting more power and upgraded equipment, the SR3 offers true race-ready credentials. It’s the official vehicle of the Race of Champions for the champions of F1 as well as multiple other major racing series. The SR3 also holds bragging rights for the fastest racing lap in two recent Race of Champion Events.
Entering its fourth generation, the SR3 offers more power, improved handling, and a more reliable overall build. Drivers who want to step up to true pro equipment, like an F1-style six-speed paddle shifter, will find themselves right at home behind the wheel of an SR3.

0 - 60

3.1 Sec

Top Speed

147 MPH

Power at Flywheel

226 BHP


620 KG



Lateral Force

1.9 G

Radical SR3 SL review by AutoCar

This record-breaking Radical SR3 SL is one of the most exciting vehicles we've ever tested. It's also the fastest, managing to smash our lap record previously set by the blisteringly fast Ariel Atom V8. Watch here as Matt Prior drives it on the limit

Radical SR3 Pricing From $99,900.00

  • Gen 4 RPE-Suzuki 1500cc 4-cylinder dry sump oil system (optional)
  • Gen 4 RPE-Suzuki 1340cc 4-cylinder dry sump oil system (standard)
  • Latest Life Racing ECU
  • Unparalleled engine warranty – Terms and conditions apply ask for details
  • Six-speed sequential gearbox
  • Formula 1TM ‘style’ paddle-activated gearshift system with auto-blipper
  • Quaife final drive and limited-slip differential
  • Rear-wheel-drive
  • Fully adjustable Nik-link suspension system, front and rear unequal length top and bottom wishbones, fabricated uprights, forged centre locked hubs and interchangeable roll bars
  • Choice of bespoke Intrax fully adjustable dampers
  • Bespoke slick tyre
  • Bespoke wet tyre
  • Length: 4077 mm
  • Width: 1799 mm
  • Height: 1093 mm
  • Two seater chassis
  • High down force, lightweight fibreglass bodywork
  • LMP inspired highly aerodynamic CAD design
  • Carbon Composite dashboard featuring a dash mounted brake bias adjuster
  • AIM MXL2 display unit with LED rev counter, gear indicator, shift light
  • Aluminium, foam filled 77L fuel tank
  • Radical four-pot calipers front & rear on 280mm x 25mm fully-floating 48-vane disc brakes
  • Radical centre lock, cast aluminium wheels – 8″ × 15″ dia. front and 10.5" × 16" dia. rears
  • Full fire extinguisher system
  • Wind deflector
  • Independent brake pressure logging
  • Individual damper potentiometers
  • Steering wheel angle sensor
  • HD SmartyCam with integrated GPS