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We Make Becoming a Better Driver Easier Than Ever

Whether you have ambitions to go pro or simply love the thrill of track racing, Primal offers serious racers the easiest possible path to reaching your on-track performance goals. Between our Primal Racing School and Primal Motorsport, we lower the costs and the barriers to entry significantly. More racers get more chances than ever to follow their passion — and potentially lead the pack lap after lap.

What Makes Primal Different?

People come to Primal because they’re a different breed of racer, and they know we’re a different breed of sportscar dealership.

Primal is based at Atlanta Motorsports Park. Dedicated drivers come from all over the planet to enjoy the facilities, participate in our events, and get hands-on driving instruction from some of the country's most experienced coaches.

Now, they can gain access to the only licensed dealership for Radical sportscars in the South East. Primal Motorsport throws aside all preconceptions of the average dealership in favor of a focused process that helps you decide exactly what vehicle model, custom configuration, and supportive services you need.


Get the Full Service Treatment at the Southeast’s Premier Motor Enthusiast Club

Primal is based at Atlanta Motorsports Park, the premier destination for passionate motorsports enthusiasts.

  • Enjoy world-class facilities on an acclaimed Formula 1 style road course designed by Herman Tilke.

  • Build your skills quickly with personalized instruction, hands-on learning, and cutting-edge technology at our Primal Racing School.

  • Arrange for storage, maintenance, trackside support, arrive-and-drive services, coaching and more at the one-stop shop for custom on-track and off-track services.

  • Connect with a network of boutique service providers and like-minded dedicated motorsports enthusiasts to further your racing hobby or career.

The Best On-Track Cars Pound-for-Pound and Dollar-for-Dollar

Primal sells Radical sportscars and KTM X-Bow's because they give budding racers everything they need to learn how to race like a pro. Maximum downforce, nimble handling, competition-grade brakes, and a jaw-dropping power: weight ratio give track drivers the tools they need to hone their skills while getting an edge over the competition.

Everything You Could Possibly Need to Become a Better Driver

Get exclusive access to some of the most pedigreed and desired track cars around.

Our cars don’t play around, and neither do we. We offer 100% honest, transparent sales as well as bespoke customer services tailored to your needs.

Primal Motorsport aims to get you in the driver’s seat of a vehicle that can help you achieve your on-track goals. We educate rather than pressure. You learn the exact specifications and features you’ll want to fit your preferred driving and learning style. You’ll also learn what you can leave behind, sparing weight and money that can be used to push your talents forward.

Services On and Off the Track

With Primal, owning a Radical sportscar or KTM X-Bow is an entire experience. Depending on your needs and preferences, we can make coming to the track and building skills as effortless as you want.

Services offered

  • Repair & Maintenance

  • Parts & Accessories

  • Trackside Support

  • Rentals

  • Storage

Primal Motorsports Inc.

Atlanta Motorsports Park
20 Duck Thurmond Road
Dawsonville GA 30534