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2006 Radical SR5 2000cc

The SR5 provides all the fun and performance of the SR3 but with the reliability of the 4 cylinder Honda V-Tec engine to power it.  Delivering 240 BHP and weighing just over 1,200 lbs, this car is the perfect track day vehicle for the value conscious buyer.  This car has benefited from:

  • New oil pump / sump system, lines
  • New lower end gaskets, transmission gaskets
  • New batteries
  • New Alternator
  • New Tires
  • New Fuel Tank in 2018

and has only had 1 hour of use since the work was completed.  The Radical SR5 CN has the following specifications:

  • Powertec Honda V-Tec 2,000cc 240bhp dry sump, fuel injected motor to FIA CN regulations
  • Pneumatic, paddle-activated, semi-automatic gear shift system
  • Steering wheel-mounted dash and data logger
  • Lightweight race lighting set
  • Le Mans-style, carbon-composite rear view mirrors
  • Triple-adjustable bespoke mono-tube titanium dampers
  • Hot weather cooling system with oil-water heat exchanger
  • Hewland six-speed transaxle with Powertec oil pump and cooler. Flat shift system
  • Aluminium bell housing to suit Hewland, small diameter flywheel and lightweight geared starter
  • Five piece, ultra lightweight fibre glass bodywork
  • High-downforce aerodynamic package, comprising front diffuser, sculptured side pods, extended rear diffuser, wheel arch louvers and carbon-composite bi-plane rear wing with end plates
  • Two-seater space-frame chassis with integral SCCA-approved safety cage, FIA crash box with towing eye
  • Quick-release steering wheel with collapsible steering column
  • ‘Nik’ fully-floating suspension system front and rear, uprated single adjustable bespoke mono- tube titanium dampers
  • Four pot Radical calipers with 280mm dia. ✕ 25mm 48 vane floating discs front and rear wit carbon composite cooling ducts and dash mounted brake bias adjuster
  • Lightweight three-piece centre-lock wheels 8” ✕ 15” dia. front and 101/2” ✕ 16” dia. rear and Dunlop slick tyres
  • 20 gallon foam filled aluminium fuel tank
  • Carbon-composite wrap-around dash, Radical LCD instruments, moulded driver seat, adjustable
  • pedal box, driver six-point harness, rear view mirrors
  • Manually-activated fire extinguisher
  • Carbon-composite head restraint
  • Splash proof footwell cover

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