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Learn to Drive Your Radical Like a Seasoned Pro

The Primal Racing School is a different breed of driving instruction. We offer introductory courses, advanced racing schools, and personalized workshops to help you become an all-around better driver.

Available options include:

  • 1-Day Radical Racing Experience

  • Advanced 2-Day Course

  • 3-Day Racing Course with Certification

  • Half Day Racing Experience

  • Radical SR1 Ride Alongs

  • Corporate Events

Outstanding Instructors and America’s Best Track

Just like Radical racecars, the Primal Racing School never compromises. You’ll get hands-on lessons and personalized feedback from instructors who know their way around the track.

You’ll also be honing your skills on AMP’s celebrated two-mile F1 designed road course. Our facilities have everything you need to enhance your skillsets, correct your weaknesses, and put yourself in the mindset of a serious competitor.

Primal Racing is a Sports Car Club of America accredited racing school offering beginner and advanced programs showcasing the power and performance of the Radical SR1: the entry-level sportscar from the manufacturer that won Car of the Year at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.